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Sustainable Production and Consumption

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Aichi Biodiversity Target Four - Sustainable Production and Consumption– focuses on the sustainable production and consumption of natural resources. It states: By 2020, at the latest, governments, businesses and stakeholders at all levels have taken steps to achieve, or have implemented, plans for sustainable production and consumption, and have kept the impacts of natural resources use well within safe ecological limits. 

The unsustainable use of natural resources is one of the main drivers of the loss of biodiversity and the impairment of ecosystems. Current levels of natural resource production and consumption are not sustainable in many countries. Issues include the depletion of forest stocks, the use of water beyond carrying capacity, the degradation of soil fertility, and the collapse of species resulting from overharvesting. To achieve Aichi Biodiversity Target Four, and manage natural resources within safe ecological limits, countries will need to assess the type and magnitude of pressures facing biodiversity and ecosystems within their own boundaries; understand how consumption patterns affect biodiversity and ecosystems within and beyond their national boundaries; and develop plans for sustainable production and consumption that fall within safe ecological limits. 

Target 4 indicators may include status and trends in: 

  • National ecological footprints and key ecological limits
  • Depletion rates of biodiversity and key stocks of natural resources

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