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We offer dedicated discussion forums for our members on each of the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Discussion forums are also available on these topics: spatial planning, targets and indicators, gender mainstreaming, policy and legislation, the Clearing-House Mechanism, biosaftey, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Sixth National Report to the CBD. These forums provides a platform to our members to work together improve their capacity to develop, implement and monitor NBSAPs and National Reports. As we work together to achieve our shared global commitment to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), we hope these forums support you to improve your technical capacity on these topics. Join the discussion today!

Topic Replies Views Post Date
Closing the Gap: Creating ecologically representative protected area systems Protected Areas 600 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Using Conceptual Models to Document a Situation Analysis: An FOS How-To Guide Biodiversity Mainstreaming 520 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Guidelines for Applying Protected Areas Management Categories Protected Areas 518 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Good Practice in the Prevention and Mitigation of Primary and Secondary Biodiversity Impacts Biodiversity Mainstreaming 521 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Assessing and Creating Linkages within and beyond Protected Areas: A Quick Guide for Protected Area Practitioners Protected Areas 529 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Financial Resource Mobilization for NBSAPs Resource mobilization 505 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Agriculture from 2000 to 2050 - The Business as Usual Scenario Biodiversity Mainstreaming 664 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
A Quick Guide to Conducting Marine Ecological Gap Assessments Sustainable Fisheries 742 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Ecologically or biologically significant marine areas Sustainable Fisheries 733 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Nepal Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (CPEIR) Resource mobilization 544 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Resourcing the Aichi Biodiversity Targets: A First Assessment of the Resources Required for Implementing the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 Resource mobilization 555 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
CBD Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, including Aichi Biodiversity Targets Announcements 565 Anonymous (not verified)  June 13, 2018
Input to the Report of the High-Level Panel on Global Assessment of Resources for Implementing the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020: Target 1: Awareness Raising Biodiversity Awareness 490 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Access and Benefit-Sharing in Practice: Trends in Partnerships Across Sectors Access and benefits sharing 622 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Methodological and implementation guidance for the “Indicators for monitoring the implementation of the Convention’s strategy for Resource Mobilization.” Resource mobilization 473 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review: A methodology to review climate policy, institutions and expenditure Resource mobilization 543 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Governance of protected areas, participation and equity Protected Areas 506 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Biodiversity and Environmental Impact Assessment: A Good Practice Guide for Road Schemes Biodiversity Mainstreaming 703 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
The Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (CPEIR): a methodology to review climate policy, institutions and expenditure Resource mobilization 500 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Business Planning for Protected Areas - Report on South Eastern European Workshop on Business Planning for Protected Areas (Vilm, 3-7 Dec 2008) Protected Areas 519 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
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