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We offer dedicated discussion forums for our members on each of the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Discussion forums are also available on these topics: spatial planning, targets and indicators, gender mainstreaming, policy and legislation, the Clearing-House Mechanism, biosaftey, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Sixth National Report to the CBD. These forums provides a platform to our members to work together improve their capacity to develop, implement and monitor NBSAPs and National Reports. As we work together to achieve our shared global commitment to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), we hope these forums support you to improve your technical capacity on these topics. Join the discussion today!

Topic Replies Views Post Date
Water Funds Sustainable Production and Consumption 360 Anonymous (not verified)  June 21, 2018
Green Economy in Action Articles and Excerpts Biodiversity Mainstreaming 344 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Raising revenue for protected areas a menu for options Protected Areas 375 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Mapping the Economic Costs and Benefits of Conservation Resource mobilization 357 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Sustainable Finance for Madagascar Protected Areas Protected Areas 381 Anonymous (not verified)  June 22, 2018
Aichi Targets Passport NBSAPs 351 Anonymous (not verified)  July 10, 2018
International guidebook of environmental finance tools a sectoral approach Resource mobilization 310 Anonymous (not verified)  June 22, 2018
Organizational change for natural capital management strategy and implementation Biodiversity Mainstreaming 337 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Mainstreaming Conservation in Infrastructure Projects case studies from Latin America Biodiversity Mainstreaming 350 Anonymous (not verified)  June 22, 2018
Economic Valuation of Biodiversity Conservation_ the Meaning of Numbers Biodiversity Awareness 341 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Biodiversity and development mainstreaming a state of knowledge review Biodiversity Mainstreaming 322 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Buying time a user's manual to resistance and resilience to climate change Vulnerable Ecosystems 403 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Handbook of incentive measures for biodiversity design and implementation Incentives and Subsidies 462 Anonymous (not verified)  June 23, 2018
Demystifying materiality hardwiring biodiversity and ecosystem services into finance Ecosystem Services 340 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Business Planning for Protected Areas Building Capacity for PoWPA Protected Areas 332 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Conservation an investment that pays Resource mobilization 330 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
NBSAP Capacity Building Workshops on Implementing NBSAPs and Mainstreaming Biodiversity Biodiversity Awareness 254 Michael Smith  June 13, 2018
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