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We offer dedicated discussion forums for our members on each of the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Discussion forums are also available on these topics: spatial planning, targets and indicators, gender mainstreaming, policy and legislation, the Clearing-House Mechanism, biosaftey, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Sixth National Report to the CBD. These forums provides a platform to our members to work together improve their capacity to develop, implement and monitor NBSAPs and National Reports. As we work together to achieve our shared global commitment to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), we hope these forums support you to improve your technical capacity on these topics. Join the discussion today!

Topic Replies Views Post Date
Addressing water challenges in the developing world a framework for action Sustainable Production and Consumption 519 Anonymous (not verified)  July 10, 2018
Increasing efficiency in protected area fees in Belize Protected Areas 486 Anonymous (not verified)  June 23, 2018
Interdependence of Biodiversity and Development under global change Biodiversity Mainstreaming 474 Anonymous (not verified)  June 22, 2018
Financing species conservation a menu of options Species and Extinctions 506 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Paying to Play Dive fees in the Philippines Resource mobilization 560 Anonymous (not verified)  June 22, 2018
A global protocol for monitoring of coral bleaching Climate Resilience 528 Anonymous (not verified)  July 10, 2018
Conservation incentive design Incentives and Subsidies 778 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
The Threshold of Sustainability for Tourism Biodiversity Mainstreaming 532 Anonymous (not verified)  June 21, 2018
Integracion de la sostenibilidad en las instituciones financieras Latinoamericanas Resource mobilization 544 Anonymous (not verified)  June 16, 2018
Biodiversity and Development in Namibia 2001 to 2010 Biodiversity Mainstreaming 534 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
An ounce of prevention Invasive Alien Species 792 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Communicating for Conservation- A communication toolkit for Caribbean civil society organization working in biodiversity conservation Biodiversity Awareness 537 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
The Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Action Plan for Biodiversity and Landscape’s Protection Protected Areas 672 Anonymous (not verified)  June 21, 2018
A big deal for conservation Resource mobilization 533 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Mainstreaming Poverty Environment Linkages into Development Planning A handbook for practitioners Biodiversity Mainstreaming 470 Anonymous (not verified)  July 10, 2018
Assessing management effectiveness in Kwazulu Natal Protected Areas 511 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Green Economy in Action Articles and Excerpts Biodiversity Mainstreaming 507 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Expanding Financing for Biodiversity Conservation Experiences from LAC and the Caribbean Resource mobilization 511 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
Protecting biodiversity in production landscapes a guide to working with agribusiness supply chains Biodiversity Mainstreaming 470 Anonymous (not verified)  July 11, 2018
Buying time a user's manual to resistance and resilience to climate change Vulnerable Ecosystems 688 Anonymous (not verified)  June 25, 2018
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