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IMPLEMENTATION; IMPLEMENTATION; IMPLEMENTATION How it will happen by the CBD parties and what is needed?

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IMPLEMENTATION; IMPLEMENTATION; IMPLEMENTATION How it will happen by the CBD parties and what is needed?

As of 27 January the CBD Website shows that, since COP-10, 71 Parties have submitted NBSAPs (59 revised,10 first and 2 Parties both versions).So what is needed for 61 Parties to implement their revised NBSAPs so that they will achieve their national targets which contribute towards reaching Aichi Targets at global level?
For making implementation a reality , focused actions, linked with available funding (in the form of project proposals under bilateral, multilateral and national budgets) and structured technical support to actually implement those projects leads to implementation on the ground.
If so, let us assume that those 51 countries have identified focused actions in their revised NBSAPs. It is not known if they can undertake implementation of all those actions listed.Unless they have funding(by any means) for undertaking those actions, they cannot implement those actions.It is also not known how many of those countries posed those actions under bilateral and multilateral funding avenues and also under their national budgets.For example GEF6 is in midway and many countries have prioritized their GEF 6 allocations.How many of those GEF eligible countries posed the actions emanating from their revised NBSAPs as project proposals under GEF6? Do the countries have necessary capacities to implement those projects in case they have posed? All relevant partners, including relevant government ministries,departments, GEF IAs,regional organizations,bilateral& multilateral funding agencies,private sector, conservation & and community organizations,should consider aligning their activities towards supporting implementation of action plans as the primary framework of action at, national, regional and global levels and, thus, approach implementation in a concerted manner. Commitment to broach implementation warrants comprehensive coordination among all to facilitate implementation actions prioritized by country plans.Otherwise IMPLEMENTATION may not be a reality.Please see tracking GEF 6 project of Tajikistan