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Advancing Environmental-Economic Accounting - National Program of Work Template

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This report is set out in three parts, firstly a global and country rationale for undertaking envi- ronmental-economic accounting is provided with an outline of the building blocks and methodologies needed for its implementation.
Secondly, a brief overview of the building blocks and methods needed to implement the NP- AEEA is presented. The aim of this section is to provide generic guidance on a standardised approach based on current frameworks, system, methods and guidance and training material. Thirdly, the details of a national program of work are outlined following an investment logic framework (ILF).

The advantage of providing the three-part approach to developing an NP-AEEA is to identify commonalities across countries to target international research and enable better coordination and collaboration in sharing best practices between countries. The activities and priorities for each country’s NP-AEEA identified in part three will be used in the future to focus resources, research and training efforts.

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