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A Biodiversity Communication Handbook

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This handbook is also about practical communication. It provides tips and suggestions on how to work and communicate with a community, region, state or country on biodiversity issues. The handbook has resources that can be used and suggestions on how to find additional information and technical assistance.

This handbook contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1: The Starting Point: Biodiversity and Americans’ Experiences.
Information and advice on the art of communicating a complex issue in ways Americans can link to their everyday experiences.

Chapter 2: Biodiversity: Safe and Good to Talk About. Tips on language to use and on methods to make biodiversity real and meaningful to your audience.

Chapter 3: Creating a Communications Strategy. Critical steps to follow in designing your strategy to communicate biodiversity.

Chapter 4: Reaching the Public With Biodiversity Messages. Working through news media, non-news media, and popular culture to foster biodiversity aware- ness and appropriate actions.

Chapter 5: Telling the Story of Biodiversity through Issues. Applying the lessons of the handbook to the issues of suburban sprawl, forests, rivers, wetlands and endangered species.

Chapter 6: Key Audiences for Biodiversity. A brief discussion of some of the audience segments you may wish to reach.

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