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Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA): A Toolkit for National Focal Points and NBSAP Coordinators

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This toolkit is about communication, education and public awareness for biological diversity. It provides facts, examples and checklists from different parts of the world. It aims to help National Focal Points and NBSAP coordinators to plan, develop and implement attractive and effective communication and education interventions that make the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity relevant, and a priority on the agenda of a range of stakeholders.

The toolkit is meant to serve both as a resource for the regional training workshops for NBSAP coordinators as well as a resource base for them for NFPs when they are back in their work place and are dealing with CEPA issues as part of their daily responsibilities. The toolkit provides guidance on where, when and how to use a wide range of education and communication interventions.

Authors: Frits Hesselink, Wendy Goldstein, Peter Paul van Kempen, Tommy Garnett and Jinie Dela

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