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Forest Reference Level Submissions under REDD+

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After ten years of international negotiations on REDD+, and after the adoption of the REDD+ rule book (the Warsaw Framework for REDD+) in 2013, six countries (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Malaysia, and Mexico) have submitted FRLs under the
UNFCCC. Their efforts deserve praise, they were the first countries to take this important step, and they demonstrated the
feasibility of FRL construction for countries with a range of capacity levels.

Reflecting the “learning-by-doing” nature of these early FRLs, these efforts also reveal different interpretations of the UNFCCC’s technical guidelines and offer lessons about ways to improve future submissions. The goals of this report are three-fold:

1. Provide an overview of countries’ approaches to FRL construction.
2. Examine cross-cutting trends related to countries’ FRL construction in order to identify key lessons-learned and leading practices demonstrated thus far.

3. Discuss the submissions as they pertain to the context of REDD+ incentives, with a focus on their ability to generate emission reductions and promote climate integrity.

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