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GEF - SGP Project : Biodiversity conservation through protection and sustainable use of wetlands in Gulathi and Ntunjambili villages under Ward 15 of Matobo District

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Summary: The action seeks to promote conservation of biodiversity through protection and sustainable use of wetlands for improvement of livelihoods in Ward 15 of Matobo district in Matabeleland South province. The key environmental problems to be addressed by the project include the current wetlands depletion as a result of unsustainable utilization and land degradation in the area. All members of the community lead a natural resource based livelihood; therefore there is a sharp decline and degradation of wetlands due to the heavy reliance on them by communities for gardening and watering livestock during the dry season when water becomes scarce (…) The Action seeks to raise awareness on the Gender dynamics in development projects and provide equity between men and women and youths, and facilitate build in project ownership as a means to ensure sustainability. It will facilitate the access to finances from Micro Finance Institutions for the access to required inputs in the successful implementation of the livelihoods projects.

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