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GEF - SGP Project: Support To Livelihood Diversification And Marine Conservation Through Operationalization of A Lime Fruit Processing Plant- Mauritius

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Summary: The project’s main area of focus will be the preservation of lagoon ecosystem and its natural resources through sustainable alternative livelihood activities. The Cooperative, the Rodrigues Lime Juice Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Ltd, a new Cooperative has shared the ambition to develop a sustainable lime processing industry in Rodrigues. The choice to develop value-added lime fruit based products originates from the fact that this fascinating product is very specific to the region, which encompasses Graviers and Batatran.

Gender Focus : In order to favour gender mainstreaming and to prevent gender inequality, both women and men are being involved in the project. In addition, this project will contribute to the emancipation of women in the region of Graviers/ Batatran. They will be able to participate in an income earning activity and generate monthly revenue that will considerably contribute in the improvement of their overall standard of living and economic welfare of their families. The ration of men to women in the Cooperative is 3:4. This is quite a fair balance when considering that the usual ration of men to women in similar projects is 1: 10. The decision to deal indirectly with women or men remains an economic one. However, a fair balance would be observed between men and women should similar services or products be offered at relatively same prices.

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