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GEF- SGP Project: Water-use Efficiency For Women Gardens in Mahferhen, Hadibo, Socotra- Yemen

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Summary: Since long time and for several reasons Socotra lacks vegetable and fruit supplies. Some of the reasons are due to limited water resources; environmental factors (drought period and monsoon) shut the island for several months, location (its long distance from mainland) and inhabitants’ lack of knowledge of growing and using vegetables and water use efficiency. In recent years, Socotri women are solely active in gardening for home use and selling limited surplus products. However, lack of capacity and knowledge in cultural practices, uses, storage, preservation and marketing are the main limitation to development. Mahferhen village is located at the western part of the Nujid coastal plain, Hadibu district. Water resources is limited and conveyed from Matyaf via polyethylene pipes. Water collected in main tank and distributed to all village houses equally. Women indicated that lack of water storage capacity does not permit them to rationalize water uses and benefit from surplus. The saved water can be used in a small scale gardens in each house hold.

Gender Focus: Project solely focuses on gender where women are the sole beneficiaries, implementing and led by women.
Planned Results:
1. Building of 90 water storage tanks with capacity of each 9 cubic meters.
2. Capacity building and Environment awareness of 90 women in gardening and Environment
3. Ninety women sold some vegetables.

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