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Environmental laws related to protection and governance incorporate various tenets of human rights. Principle 1 of the Stockholm Declaration, which was adopted at the U.N. Conference on Human Environment in 1972, recognizes the right to freedom, equality and adequate conditions of life, and underscores the importance of the environment in achieving a life of dignity and wellbeing. Additionally, Principle 1 of the Rio Convention, adopted in 1992, draws our attention to the importance of linkages between human rights and the environment when it states that human beings are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.

This resource includes the presentations (attached) made during the 3 sessions as follow:

Webinar #1: Introduction to Human Rights and the Environment
An overview of historic developments in the area of human rights and environment was discussed at the beginning of this webinar. The speakers also provided a synopsis of Special UN Rapporteur John Knox's report on right to a safe environment, which includes biodiversity. The presenters then discussed key sectoral elements, such as human rights and ecosystem services, and elaborate on the obligations of the State and stakeholders for safe and healthy environment and biodiversity. Linkages to Sustainable Development Goal 16 also were explored.

Webinar #2: Human Rights, Business and Biodiversity
This webinar focused on links between human rights and business. We explored UN Global Compact initiatives that address the issue of human rights. Using examples from the extractives industry, we also discussed the impacts of business on both the conservation and development agenda from a human rights perspective.

Webinar #3: Human Rights in the Context of the CBD's post-2020 Strategic Plan
This webinar focuses on human rights in the context of the biodiversity agenda using principles and approaches elaborated in the UN Commission on Human Rights report. The speakers explored links to the Secretariat’s ecosystem approach and access to genetic resources and benefit sharing programs of work and share information on ongoing discussions to develop the CBD's post-2020 Strategic Plan.

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