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Importance of Dugong Profile in understanding its Conservation along Tanzania Coast

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A study to estimate abundance, distribution and evaluate magnitude of dugong threats and status in selected sites based on surveys was conducted between 2008 and 2009 during south-east and north-east monsoon periods respectively. Conservation initiatives were also assessed by involving local communities in monitoring activities. Findings show that 10 sightings of live 9 dugongs verified and localized in areas of Kilwa, Somanga, Rufiji and Mafia. Threats including entanglement in fishing gear, dynamite fishing, trawling, habitat destruction and pollution persist. The study recommends monitoring of dugongs and their habitats and future impact assessments for inshore marine and estuarine developments involving local communities for conservation of dugongs in Tanzania.

Adelaide E. Sallema: National Museum of Tanzania, Dares Salaam,
Omar A. Amir: Tanzania Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Zanzibar

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