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LIFE-Nature: Communicating with stakeholders and the general public - Best practice examples for Natura 2000

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The purpose of this report is threefold:

The first objective is to provide an overview of the key issues relating to communicating on Natura 2000. This is presented in section one which looks at cur- rent perceptions of Natura 2000, the type of communication activi- ties funded under LIFE-Nature and the reasons why communication is so important. The second objective is to pro- vide a series of practical LIFE- Nature examples of successful communication techniques used by LIFE projects to communicate with different interest groups (part 2). The final objective is to offer some basic guidelines and practical advice on how to communicate effectively on Natura 2000 with different audiences, based on the LIFE experiences. This is presented in chapter 3 of the report (page 16–26).

Author: Kerstin Sundseth, Ecosystems LTD. Managing editor: Bruno Julien, European Commission, Environment DG, LIFE Unit – BU-9 02/1 200 rue de la Loi, B-1049 Brussels. LIFE focus series coordinator: Federico Nogara, LIFE Unit. The following people have contributed to this issue: Isabel Lourenco- de Faria, Giovanni Gordiani, Joanna Ingles, Nicholas Hanley, Concha Olmeda, Britta Kuper, Anton Gazenbeek, John Houston, Mats Eriksson, Keijo Taskinen, Oliviero Spinelli, Alberto Zocchi, Marc Thauront, Marc Maury, Ana Guimaraes, Nadine Mezard, Lea Wongsoredjo.

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