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Linked indicator sets for addressing biodiversity loss

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A paper using a Response-Pressure-State-Benefit framework for structuring and linking indicators facilitates an understanding of the relationships between policy actions, anthropogenic threats, the status of biodiversity and the benefits that people derive from it.

Sparks, T.H., Butchart, S.H.M., Balmford, A., Bennun, L., Stanwell-Smith, D., Walpole, M., Bates, N.R., Bomhard B., Buchanan, G.M., Chenery, A.M., Collen, B., Csirke, J., Diaz, R.J., Dulvy, N.K., Fitzgerald, C., Kapos, V., Mayaux, P., Tierney, M., Waycott, M., Wood, L. & Green, R.E. 2011. Linked indicator sets for addressing biodiversity loss. Oryx 45(3): 411-419.

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