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List of papers about Climate Change mitigation in Uruguay and South America.

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Dear collegues:

Please find this list and do not hesitate in contact me for getting the complete of summary of that studies by email. I can not publish them directly because most of them are copyrigthed or with restricted access, but I could get the authorization to send them for you in most cases. My email is
Warm regards,
Pablo Reali

• "Development of an Project Design Afforestation/Reforestation Clean Development Project of the Kyoto Protocol (A/R CDM PDD) for the establishment of silvopastoral systems Contractor: Spanish Agency of International Cooperation (AECI) / UPACC, 2007.
• "Proposed of Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Development Contribution to A/R CDM projects to submit to the Uruguayan National Authority. Consulting AECI/UPACC, 2006
• "Project for Capacity Enhancement Project Implementation A/R CDM Projects in Uruguay: Development of a Skeleton Design Document (PDD), a project silvopastoral A/R CDM in the 9th Section of the Department of Cerro Largo" . Consulting firm hired by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) / MGAP. 2006
• "Potential of Forest and Agricultural CDM Projects in Uruguay" AECI / MGAP 2005-2006.
• Pre Feasibility Study and Project Feasibility of capturing methane from anaerobic treatment lagoons and their destruction and/or thermal energy production and/or electrical form of certificates of reduction of CO2 emissions. 2009.
• Pre Feasibility Study and Project Document Idea To Tops Fray Marcos SA for the development of a Project Design Document for submission to the Executive Board of Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol (UNFCCC). 2008.
• Feasibility Study for Cadena Productiva Rio de la Plata SA, evaluating the possibility of installing an anaerobic digester to treat the manure from the fattening cattlecorrals 2007.
• Review of 25 A/R CDM Methodologies for evaluating potential A/R CDM projects in some Latin American countries (Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico): Contractor: Greenoxx 2005-2006.

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