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The ParkTalks Video Series, a knowledge product of the 6th World Parks Congress

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Seventy percent of the world’s poorest people depend on biodiversity to provide them with the basic necessities of food, water, medicines and livelihoods. Protected areas (PA) help maintain these ecosystem services, which sustain livelihoods and for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

UNDP is excited to introduce the ParkTalks Series, a collection of 71 professional videos from selected sessions at the 6th World Parks Congress (WPC). This knowledge management tool highlights new and innovative solutions to PA mainstreaming. It makes these innovative WPC sessions accessible to a global audience. For protected areas to play a fundamental role in achieving biodiversity and sustainable development goals, they must be well positioned within NBSAPS, with clear linkages to societal and biodiversity goals. This video series helps to highlight the relationship of PA to development and show the way forward. In partnership, the World Bank, Conservation International, UNDP, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development are proud to launch it. You can access the complete collection here:

The ParkTalks series comes at a critical time as the United Nations leads worldwide efforts to create Sustainable Development Goals, which are expected to succeed the Millennium Development Goals. The series showcases over 70 innovative solutions from around the world that reconcile sustainable development with the major challenges of our time. It is an effort to help governments, the private sector, and civil society better understand the potential role protected areas can play in ensuring sustainable development.

The attached document lists each ParkTalk video and the speaker name, title and professional affiliation. Many ParkTalks have an associated Best Practice on the NBSAP Forum. The document includes those links. Download this reference today and begin listening to new ideas from the world’s conservation leaders, right in your own home.

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