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Protected Areas as Tool for Disaster Risk Reduction: A Handbook for Practitioners

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Advice for disaster risk reduction specialists and protected area managers on how best to use protected area systems as effective buffers, to prevent natural hazards from developing into unnatural disasters.

Protected areas – national parks, nature reserves and wilderness areas – can play a critical role in disaster risk reduction (DRR) strategies. They need to be factored into national and regional DRR plans. Here’s why: Protected areas don’t just protect wildlife. They also make sure that natural ecosystems are intact and in good health. And natural ecosystems can offer cheap, reliable and effective ways of mitigating a range of disasters.

Dudley, N., Buyck, C., Furuta, N., Pedrot, C., Renaud, F., and K. Sudmeier-Rieux (2015). Protected Areas as Tools for Disaster Risk Reduction. A handbook for practitioners. Tokyo and Gland, Switzerland: MOEJ and IUCN. 44pp

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