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Public Policy Guidelines for Integrated Landscape Management I January 2017

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National and sub-national policies that create the enabling conditions for integrated landscape management still need to be put in place in most areas of the world. Thankfully, policymakers have a large set of tools at their disposal, many of which are very low or no-cost. Further, there are simple steps that can be taken right away by individual agencies or localities to put ILM-friendly policy implementation on the horizon.

The paper also outlines three starter steps towards integrated landscape management that governments can take right away:
- Form multi-stakeholder learning and advocacy working groups on integrated landscape management at national and sub national levels, where appropriate, which include government and non-government actors;
- Review the existing policy framework and enabling environment for integrated landscape management;
- Convene a landscape policy dialogue to identify key actions that government can take to better support integrated landscape management. 

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Seth Shames, EcoAgriculture Partners
Krista Heiner, EcoAgriculture Partners
Sara Scherr, EcoAgriculture Partners

EcoAgriculture Partners

January 23, 2017

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