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Sixth National Reports - Technical Guidance documents (English, Spanish, French)

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The 6NR Technical Guidance provides guidance to GEF-eligible Parties to the CBD in their work to develop high quality, gender-responsive and data-driven sixth national reports (6NR) using global and national indicators by 31 Dec. 2018. Our goal is to build the capacity of Parties to ensure that this reporting process improves national decision-making processes related to the implementation of NBSAPs, utilizes the best available data to monitor indicators of biodiversity status and trends, and effectively engage stakeholders to develop reports on progress towards achieving each ABT. We also want to ensure that the reporting process informs the fifth Global Biodiversity Outlook and the Global Biodiversity Strategy of 2021 – 2030. The data within each national report will provide the main rational for the follow-up work on the Strategic Plan beyond this decade and will help shape the post-2020 global biodiversity agenda. Therefore, the 6NR must provide an accurate and up-to-date reflection of national and global progress in addressing the ABTs.

Available in English, Spanish and French.

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