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Stream 6 E-Poster - Yellowstone, governance, and global change: Strengthening community-based customary rights

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Lethal bison management within and outside Yellowstone National Park (YNP, U.S.) is an intractable conflict symbolic of historical acts of colonization, appropriation of natural and cultural resources, and exclusion of Native Americans and other stakeholders from decision-making. Bison, a species of cultural importance to Native Americans, are hazed, captured, and killed as they migrate outside YNP in order to reduce the risk of disease transmission from bison to ranchers' cattle. This management practice has long been viewed as privileging the special economic interests of ranchers at the expense of other stakeholder groups, including Native Americans, members of the general public, and environmental interests. Unfortunately, this controversial case is representative of many others in the Yellowstone region where limited stakeholder inclusion and participation in decision-making contributes to negative impacts to people and wildlife. As such, I recommend that government agencies - the formal governance groups in the region - work to remedy long-held feelings of disrespect and exclusion by including Native Americans and other underrepresented stakeholders in decision-making to identify management directions that better approximate shared and jointly determined conservation goals for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

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