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Toolkit: Communicating for Conservation

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This toolkit provides guidance to develop a strategic approach to building the critical knowledge, attitudes and behaviours (abbreviated as KAB) among the public and policy makers, while undertaking positive action in biodiversity conservation.

This toolbox is divided into six sections as follows:

Section 1 gives an overview of communication on biodiversity conservation and things you should keep in mind when communicating.

Section 2 looks at the value of biodiversity in the Caribbean and why biodiversity conservation is important to this region. It emphasises key areas of concern including policy that requires action.

Section3will guide you to understand how to get started in developing a communication plan on biodiversity conservation.

Section 4 describes how to fit into the agenda of critical audiences.

Section 5 presents a range of tools that you can use when communicating with different types of audiences

Section 6 provides guidance on how you can evaluate your communication plan.

Some parts of the document are highlighted as a quick 'how-to' guide. Other parts are highlighted to provide examples and case studies to explain some of the concepts or give background to the information presented in the particular section of the toolkit. The highlighted areas therefore provide you with a quick reference which can to assist you in your use of the toolkit.

Citation: CANARI. 2012. Communicating for Conservation: A communication toolkit for Caribbean civil society organisations working in biodiversity conservation. Laventille: CANARI.

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