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Transboundary Conservation: A systematic and integrated approach

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This new publication by IUCN aims to help transboundary conservation practitioners and those intending to become involved in initiating, managing and governing transboundary conservation programmes. Transboundary conservation is a process of cooperation to achieve conservation goals across one or more international boundaries. Since 1932 when the first officially designated Transboundary Conservation Area was established by Canada and USA (Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park), there has been a rapid growth of transboundary initiatives. Today, there are more than 220 transboundary conservation programmes and initiatives worldwide. This resource combines the most current scientific thinking with practices from around the globe and offers new understanding of transboundary conservation principles, supported by 33 practical examples reflecting a variety of situations. It is published within a Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines Series of the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). Transboundary conservation is often a complex process which requires careful planning, motivation and involvement of dedicated people. One of the strengths of the publication is that the ideas presented are supported by a large number of best practice examples from different regions and ecosystems, cultural norms and historical backgrounds.

Principal editors and authors: Maja Vasilijević, Chair of IUCN WCPA’s Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group, Kevan Zunckel, Consultant at the Zunckel Ecological & Environmental Services, Matthew McKinney, Director of the University of Montana’s Center for Natural Resources & Environmental Policy, Boris Erg, Director of IUCN South-Eastern Europe, Michael Schoon, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University's School of Sustainability, and Tatjana Rosen Michel, Director of the Panthera's Snow Leopard Program.

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