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Benjamin Sipa Kupe

Freelance Consultant
Able Foot

I am a development worker with ample experiences engaging in many different projects in Papua New Guinea. I have served with distinctions in range of challenging roles on projects I have served in 5 different organizations. With Live and Learn International, in the recent past completed fire management plan to mitigate draught induced fire in order to conserve biodiversity and reduce climate change vulnerabilities, approaches on risk reductions, early warning systems and empowering communities on climate resilience with communities on western Whiteman Range, West New Britain.Those projects that I have engaged were of distinctive complexities, however I have a traits of accomplishments with encouraging outcomes that has been really encouraging. Prior to that, Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program, being senior management staff who led on  YUS Conservation Coffee initiative and YUS landscape based integrated land use planning, its an award winning project in my tenure. Besides, community empowerment and peacebuilding, conflict resolutions and community mobilization with Community Development Agency in Gumine District of Simbu Province that has lasting impacts to date. Currently, leading with peacebuilding program to reduce human induce disaster by working with women, youths and men in Southern Highlands Province with UN International Organization for Migration which the project is about to complete. My enthusiasm has always been to learn new things, take up challenges and do tasks diligently in serving employer meeting its mission and for the cause of humanity. With my skills and expertise on community development, conservation and climate change initiative and disaster risk reduction initiatives, I am confident to accomplish what is expected of this position.

Sustainable resource management
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October 2016