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International Conference on Natural Resources Management And Technology Trends (ICNRM-17)

Natural resource management refers to the management of natural resources such as land, water, soil, biodiversity, with a particular focus on how management affects the quality of life for both present and future generations. Using appropriate and cutting edge technologies for the efficient and effective management of natural resources is important for our sustainability. The conference will envisage how in the light of global climatic change scenarios, insights are incorporated from the relation between biodiversity and stability of ecosystem functioning in an array of ecosystems viz.

Rule Of Law as the Bedrock of Sustainable Development

This is part of the new awareness raising materials developed by IDLO, with support from the Swiss FOEN. Parties can use these factsheets to raise political will and understanding amongst the various ministries, sectors and stakeholders that need to be involved in reforming laws and policies to implement NBSAPs.

Photo Story: UNDP At The 2016 World Conservation Congress, Hawai'i - Planet At The Crossroads

The World Conservation Congress 2016 has been the largest environmental meeting held in the United States with over 10,000 participants from 194 countries. This was also the first IUCN Congress in which UNDP actively organized a large number of sessions, with a delegation formed with members of the UNDP Global Environmental Finance Unit, Equator Initiative, Forest Initiative, NBSAP Forum, UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme, Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN), United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

Climate Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets: A World Bank IFC Analysis

The World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) issued this report, titled ‘Climate Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets: An IFC Analysis,’ which shows that the Paris Agreement on climate change has accelerated opportunities for climate-smart investment in emerging markets. The report estimates those opportunities at US$22.6 trillion by 2030.

Sauvons nos espèces

Une grande partie de la vie sur terre est en train de disparaître à un rythme effrayant, menaçant la base même des économies humaines, les cultures et les moyens de subsistance. Au cours des 50 dernières années, les activités humaines ont modifié les écosystèmes plus rapidement et largement que dans toute période comparable de l'histoire.

Salvemos Nuestras Especies

Una gran parte de la vida en la tierra está desapareciendo a un ritmo alarmante, amenazando la base de las economías humanas, culturas y medios de vida. Durante los últimos 50 años, las actividades humanas han cambiado los ecosistemas más rápida y extensamente que en cualquier otro período comparable de la historia.

Natural capital accounting and the Sustainable Development Goals. Policy Briefing

A policy paper detailing how natural capital accounting can help deliver the SDGs by making explicit the links between the economy and the environment, enabling sustainable policy decisions and actions, and monitoring progress.

Bann, C. 2016. Natural capital accounting and the Sustainable Development Goals. Policy Briefing. Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) Partnership, World Bank, Washington DC, USA.

Vulture Safe Zones. Factsheet #4

A factsheet highlighting the positive effects of an extractive company collaborating with conservation NGOs leading to successful outcomes, and highlighting where positive voluntary action can overcome legislative limits.

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 2015. Vulture Safe Zones. Factsheet #4. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland.

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