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Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services

"...Ecosystem services are crucial for the well-being of people, but their contribution to economic systems is difficult to quantify in monetary terms. Since they are not traded in commercial markets, they are often given too little or no weight in decision making.

Take the NBSAP Journey

A summary of the key steps involved in the NBSAP revision process.

Guidelines for Linear Infrastructure Intrusions in Natural Areas: Roads and Powerlines

This document, prepared by the National Board of Wildlife (Ministry of Environment and Forests) of India, presents an overall policy priority schema and framework of generic and specific
guidelines for the creation, design, realignment, removal, restoration, and maintenance and
mitigatory measures for roads and powerlines in defined natural areas of importance.

Ecologically or biologically significant marine areas

This brochure describes the CBD's EBSA determination protocol, the iterative EBSA process, and the beneficial outcomes associated with the EBSA process, such as greater scientific collaboration.

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