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E-poster for WPC Stream 6: SADC TFCAs Decision-making processes

Suzi Malan is a PhD candidate from the University of British Columbia (Canada), of South African origin.

Her research has utilised a combination of methods to understand and evaluate governance systems in the Transfrontier Conservation Areas of Southern Africa. In this presentation, she summarises the findings of a 4 year work and proposes improvements to current processes that are more inclusive and aimed at achieving all the objectives of the TFCAs in the region.

E-poster for WPC Stream 6: SADC TFCA Sustainable tourism

Amanda Mugadza is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law of North West University (Potchefstroom Campus).

She is conducting a study on the existing legal framework for participatory and inclusive sustainable tourism development in Southern African Transfrontier Conservation Areas and the application of such framework to ensure TFCAs fulfil their rural development mandate. This presentation is a condensation of the findings from her first year.

Financial Resource Mobilization for NBSAPs

This presentation is taken from a 2011 CBD workshop on implementing the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity (2012-2020). It collects various financial figures related to biodiversity in support of Target 20 of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, which states that biodiversity-related expenditures should increase substantially by 2020.

The international funding landscape, with emphasis on the EU Multiannual Financial Framework

This presentation builds on opportunities for financing biodiversity by mainstreaming it into other sectors

2 entry points detailed for financing biodiversity by linking:
Biodiversity and Sustainable Development
Biodiversity and Poverty alleviation
(general principles, apply it to the specific EU context)
More details about EU machinery, practical ways to access EU funding

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