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The 2020 Vision


We’re on a mission to create 20% more green space in Australia’s urban areas by 2020.

Problem, challenge or context: 

Our urban areas need more plants and trees. They cool our cities, reduce pollution, get us and about and generally make us happier, healthier and more productive. Yet, so often, it seems that as cities get denser, green space is the loser. We’re on a mission to find out why they are so often overlooked when plans are drawn and concrete is poured, then change that.

Specific elements of components: 

Step one is to realise there are smarter people than us out there who have been working on this problem for a long time, then bring them together into Australia’s biggest network of green space supporters. 

Step two is to measure current green space. We’ve done this using iTree Tools, measuring canopy cover in 139 urban and peri-urban LGAs. This gives us an easy-to-measure baseline indication of current green space to build on, as well as a free, universally accessible tool that everyone can use.

Step three is to promote the benefits and grow the conversation in media, by pitching points of view and our green space experts to Australia’s most influential newspapers, blogs and conferences. 

Step four is identify the issues. Or, in other words, map the barriers that prevent more green space happening.

Step five is identify the solutions. With the issues known, we’re working with our network of green space experts to create a pathway to overcome each issue.

Step six is to prove it’s all possible. Each solution is mapped to existing projects. By creating a database of existing problem buster projects we’re making it easy for those who want to create new green space projects to find similar ones then contact the right people who can help them make it happen. Where existing projects are not in place, we’re working with our partners to pilot then scale new green space projects.

Key lessons learned: 
  • The opportunities and know-how is out there. What’s needed is a network to bring them together. People act with greater effect and certainty when they have the confidence that they are part of a bigger movement.
  • Government is the hardest stakeholder, policy is the hardest level.
Impacts and outcomes: 
  • 180+ organisations have joined as partners.
  • Over 1,000 individual people are connected to the network in one way or another.
  • 14 million+ reach in media clippings.
  • Media partnership with the Australian Financial Review.
  • Roundtable held with the Federal Minister for the Environment, the Hon. Greg Hunt.
  • Australia’s first national baseline measurement of urban canopy released in conjunction with University of Technology, Sydney.
  • First pilot project launched.
  • Two master classes held in conjunction with state government.
  • 20 biggest issues identified.
  • Five city tour launched, which will ultimately bring over 300 green space experts together to find pathways to overcome issues.
  • All in 18 months.
Contact details: 
Ben Peacock, Republic of Everyone
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