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Embed Tailored And Fully Consulted Mitigation Measures Into A Project’s EMP That Accurately Reflect Due Consideration Of Potential PA Impacts


To address the emerging shortage of bulk water supply to Maputo and surrounding areas, the project handled the protected area concern by including a number of project implementation measures in the EMP to mitigate the potential adverse impacts on the protected area, including: an inundation preparation plan, reservoir management program, environmental water release regime, anti-poaching measures and environmental monitoring plan.

Problem, challenge or context: 

Completion of an existing large hydropower dam may lead to backwater effects in a protected area potentially inundating ,195 m of the existing river channel comprised of braided rapids.

Specific elements of components: 

Solution oriented programs, plans and guidelines embedded in the project's Environmental Management Plan informed by the project's Environmental and Social Impact Assessment which included detailed hydrological analyses and topographic surveys, including Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR).

Key lessons learned: 

Well structured, targeted and transparent Public Consultations and an effective Outreach and Communications campaign with all stakeholders on an ongoing basis are essential to successful design of a project.

Impacts and outcomes: 

To be determined over the long run in terms of actual impact at the site of the protected area. But, the outcome of the project design and preparation work was a well-received project with a design and mitigation and management plan that reflected detailed feedback from all of the project's key stakeholders closely involved and concerned with the potential adverse impacts on the protected area.

Contact details: 
Cary Anne Cadman, Senior Environmental Specialist, World Bank
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