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NBSAP Federal Republic Of Somalia (Draft)


This is the Draft of the first National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan of the Federal Republic of Somalia. Somalia acceded to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Aichi in September 2009 and became the 193rd party to the CBD. By ratifying the CBD, Somalia committed to attain the objectives of CBD and as first step commenced the formulation of this NBSAP in September 2014. This draft NBSAP is thus the first effort in the history of Somalia to holistically and systematically look at the overall spectrum of biodiversity – ecosystems, species and genetic diversity. The formulation process comprise of situation analysis on one hand and formulating the strategic & action planning both however with keen follow-up of the CBD Strategic Plan 2011-2020 and its Aichi Targets. The major challenges include the lack of previous NBSAP, as the other countries have already adopted similar frameworks since more than ten years and are now aligning their NBSAPs with the CBD Strategic Plan and Aichi targets. The second challenge is handling the post conflict situation of Somalia, where access is difficult and perverse sensitivities associated with the conflict still prevails. Nevertheless through the consistent leadership of the Federal Government and the sincere efforts of the zonal environmental Ministries an inclusive and holistic approach, underlined as follows, for the formulation of NBSAP is adopted. The NBSAP is initial draft and yet awaiting the validation by the Government of Somalia. We are still in the process of drafting the implementation support components such as the communication & outreach strategy, resource mobilization strategy and monitoring & evaluation mechanism.

NBSAP Theme: