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Rwanda Requests Peer Review Of Its Draft NBSAP


Rwanda requests peer review of its draft NBSAP.

The current revision is considered as key tool for the implementation of the CBD objectives and the Aichi Targets. It has been developed based on national needs and priorities for biodiversity conservation, in response to threats that are facing biological resources at country level, as have been highlighted during the stocktaking exercise. This document addresses challenges and fill gaps encountered in the implementation of the first NBSAP. It strives to create more coherence in understanding biodiversity conservation and serve as a reference for the development and updating of biodiversity strategies and actions implemented in other development sectors.

The revised strategy lists f 5 objectives and 19 national targets that aim to stop biodiversity loss and increase the economic benefits associated with the biological resources utilization and ecosystems services. Finally, the revised NBSAP reflects the country’s vision for biodiversity and the broad strategic mechanisms that Rwanda will take to fulfil the objectives of the Convention. The action plan comprises the concrete actions to be taken to achieve the strategy.

For more information or to comment on Rwanda's draft NBSAP, contact Canisius Kayitera, NBSAP Project Manager, at You can also connect with Canisius through his NBSAP Forum profile:

Please provide your review by March 1, 2015. Please comment in the box below, if you plan to do so. Thank you!

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