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Zambia Draft Nbsap For Review


This if the first draft National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan submitted for review by Zambia. The country is a Party to the Convention on Biological Diversity and prepared its first NBSAP in 1999, which may be accessed on the CBD website.

In this draft NBSAP which is scheduled to run from 2015 to 2025, Zambia presents status of its biodiversity, outlines the challenges faced and sets targets derived from the Aichi Targets as interventions to address the identified challenges. Further, the country proposes specific interventions to achieve the set targets as well as identifies lead institutions to undertake those interventions. An institutional framework for implementation of the NBSAP is proposed as well as the existing legal and policy framework which will underpin the Strategy.

NB: This Strategy has not yet been reviewed internally and has been shared in its raw form and some factual information may change after internal review. As such, information presented may not be quoted as official but is only intended to provide basis for review.

NBSAP Theme: