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Article on Enhancing cooperation and synergies among the biodiversity related conventions: The Options

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Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use has captured the attention of the international community since several decades ago. In recognition of the urgent need for action in support of biodiversity, countries have negotiated and agreed to be bound by a number of biodiversity-related conventions and other multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs). Each of the biodiversity-related conventions, working in isolation in the past, have put in place actions at the national, regional and international level in order to reach shared goals of conservation and sustainable use. However, as the number of obligations under such legal instruments has grown, so have concerns about how to implement them effectively and coherently, and that there might be duplication of efforts. As a result, significant efforts have already been made to improve integration among the biodiversity-related conventions, and to identify and build on opportunities for collaboration, cooperation, and coordination, and this work continues.

To address this challenging scenario the governing bodies of United Nations and UN Environment made a call to explore opportunities to build synergies, in order to achieve more coherent and effective implementation of the biodiversity-related conventions. The options for enhancing synergies between the biodiversity-related conventions (focusing on the global level) presented in this paper, respond to this call.

The options paper identifies a set of seven linked thematic areas supported by 28 options (see list below) under which 88 actions have been identified for various actors, including governments, convention secretariats, UN Environment and other relevant UN bodies. These options and actions take into account relevant completed, existing and planned initiatives undertaken by a number of actors.

Balakrishna Pisupati, Francisco Rilla and Ileana Lopez
UN Environment, Law Division

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