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Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard

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Achieving global biodiversity targets relies on the ability to measure, visualize, and communicate both environmental trends and the effects of conservation actions. There is high demand for indicators of biodiversity status and trends at multiple spatial scales, but easy, intuitive, and centralized access to biodiversity indicator data remains a challenge. Designed to tackle these challenges, the Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard can help track progress toward global conservation goals, support national monitoring and reporting, and inform outcome-based policy making for sustaining biodiversity.

The Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard (accessible at was developed in coordination with the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (, the global initiative to promote and coordinate development and delivery of biodiversity indicators in support of the CBD. The Dashboard is an interactive platform for visualizing over 25 indicators at regional, country, basin, and site scales. The indicators are organized in the Pressure-State-Benefit-Response framework. Each addresses a specific Aichi Target. Detailed metadata provide the scientific background for each indicator. 

Indicators visualized on the Dashboard can help support development of NBSAPs. In addition, countries that develop indicators for NBSAPs can work with the Dashboard team to provide visualizations of their indicators on the Dashboard.

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