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CITES: Contributing to the development, review, updating and revision of NBSAPs

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1. Recent decisions at the COP of the CBD in Nagoya in October 2010, have raised potential opportunities for the further implementation of the CITES Strategic Vision 2008-2013. The Parties to the CBD are requested to update their NBSAPs by 2014 and, while doing so, to take into account synergies amongst the biodiversity-related Conventions, of which CITES is one.
2. When revising and updating their NBSAPs, Parties are invited to consider integrating national and regional CITES activities that contribute to the effective implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and the Aichi Targets, as well as the conservation and sustainable use of wild fauna and flora.
3. Recognizing the reciprocal benefits between the NBSAPs and the CITES goals, the CITES Secretariat has prepared this practical “how-to” Guide for Parties considering the inclusion of their CITES national and regional actions in the revised NBSAPs. Such actions could include targets that contribute towards the effective implementation of the CITES
Strategic Vision, the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and the overall conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.
4. Activities identified in the NBSAPs of developing countries and countries with economies in transition will be better placed to attract financial resources, especially from GEF, the financial mechanism of the CBD. The GEF provides financial resources to country-driven projects and activities that are aligned with COP decisions, the GEF biodiversity strategy and that are prioritized in NBSAPs.
5. This Guide is intended for use by those responsible for the implementation of objectives and indicators under the CITES Strategic Vision as well as relevant national and regional targets and action plans. The primary target audience for this Guide is: CITES Management Authorities; Scientific Authorities; Enforcement Authorities; and Competent authorities and scientific institutions of non-Parties, and CBD Focal Points; GEF Focal Points; and other stakeholders.

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