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Equator Initiative Case Study – Serraniagua Corporation

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Serraniagua Corporation works to ensure the connectivity of protected areas throughout Colombia’s Cordillera Occidental mountain range, a key component of the Chocó-Manabí Conservation Corridor. The group connects the conservation corridors of the Tatamá National Park and Serrania de los Paraguas (renowned for their high biodiversity and species endemism) through a series of 60 community-managed and seven state-managed nature reserves, and encourages a high level of participation on the part of local and indigenous communities in environmental planning processes for these areas.
Working through a broad stakeholder base, including cocoa, coffee and sugar producers, ecotourism operators, environmental groups, rural schools, and women’s associations, this dynamic social network is leveraged to protect the biodiversity and ecosystems of the surrounding region in a manner that also respects the livelihood needs of the local population. The Equator Initiative brings together the United Nations, governments, civil society, businesses and grassroots organizations to recognize and advance local sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities. As local and indigenous groups across the world chart a path towards sustainable development, the Equator Prize--issued biennially by the Equator Initiative--shines a spotlight on their efforts by honoring them on an international stage. This project was awarded the Equator Prize in recognition of its contribution to local sustainable development solutions.

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