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OECD's Policy Highlights: Marine Protected Areas - Economics, Management and Effective Policy Mixes

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The OECD report Marine Protected Areas: Economics, Management and Effective Policy Mixes (OECD, forthcoming 2017) examines recent developments and experiences with marine protected areas (MPAs) around the world and provides good practice insights for more effective MPAs.

The publication addresses the following questions:
1. What is the role and current state-of-play of marine protected areas in the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity and ecosystems?
2. What are the benefits and costs associated with MPAs?
3. What are the key design and implementation features that need to be considered to ensure the effective management of MPAs?
4. How are MPAs financed and what options are there to scale this up?
5. How have MPAs been implemented alongside other policy instruments, to more comprehensively and effectively address the multiple pressures on marine ecosystems?

ATTACHED is a document sharing policy highlights from the forthcoming report.

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