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Presentation: Using Participatory Mapping for Resilience Assessments: Implications for Transformative Change

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In this presentation, Dr. Belay addresses how participatory methodologies offer a powerful means to explore the social cultural and ecological history of local communities. When used for resilience assessments, these participatory methodologies can facilitate learning and create a new social identity that can be harnessed to bring about social and ecological transformation. In this webinar, Dr. Million Belay explains how participatory mapping can be used for resilience assessments, to create an opportunity to negotiate and develop the knowledge base of communities, thereby providing an opportunity for social-ecological change.

The presentation was delivered during Week 3 of the ‘Introduction to Resilience for Development’ Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) from 31 October through 27 November 2017.

Please follow this link for additional information on the topic:

Week 3 Webinar Recording:

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