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Regional workshop for West and Central Africa I LIMBE – CAMEROON: 24–25 February 2016

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The often neglected role of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs)—the people often most heavily impacted by wildlife poaching and associated crime—was the focus of a meeting held in Limbe in February 2016.

This meeting aimed to provide a platform for those at the grassroots level to speak up to protect their livelihoods and their futures from the treats posed by illegal wildlife trade.

Meeting delegates included a representative from the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Congo Basin Forest, who highlighted how indigenous peoples were often drawn into illicit activity by those higher up the chain because of their special skills and knowledge, but were the ones most targeted by enforcement. He raised the need for effective initiatives against IWT to increase the social and economic benefits from conservation for IPLCs, including through sustainable management of wildlife resources.

Citation: Cooney R., Roe D., Melisch R., Dublin H., and Dinsi S. (2016) Workshop Proceedings: Beyond Enforcement: Involving Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade. Regional Workshop for West and Central Africa. Published by IUCN SULi.

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