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UNDP’s support the GEF’s Strategic Programme for West Africa

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UNDP’s support the GEF’s Strategic Programme for West Africa

Relevance and fit with UNDP’s Framework for Ecosystems and Biodiversity

As part of the roll out of the fourth funding cycle, the Global Environment Environment Facility (GEF) lauched in 2008 a new sub-region programme -- The SPWA or Strategic Programme for West Africa. Two focal areas were targeted: Biodiversity and Climate Change mitigation. Today, all SPWA projects are maturing and producing many interesting results that are relevant for NBSAPs. The biodiversity projects cover both biodiversity and mainstreaming themes and represent a whealth of approaches to the biodiversity management in a region that is rich in biological resouces and faces many development challenges. UNDP is particularly proud of its 11 projects, which we see much more as opportunities than challenges. The Power Point below provides a summary. We encourage NBSAP country teams to reach out to project coordinators and learn more about the projects.

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