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Using Spatial Data to Inform National Biodiversity Planning and Reporting and to Strengthen Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

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Spatial data can be used as a powerful tool to make actionable decisions that protect human livelihoods and conserve critical biodiversity. Despite its potential, national policymakers are not accessing spatial data to make informed conservation and development planning decisions. Often, these data layers already exist but decision-makers do not know where to access them or how to use them. In other cases, data do not exist, but we have the technology and expertise to create them.

This project brings together world-class researchers, NASA, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in
order to provide accessible, high quality spatial data to national policymakers. The goal is to provide every country with actionable spatial data to make conservation decisions. The team will: (1) develop high-quality spatial data, (2) analyze these data in ways relevant to users’ decision-making, and (3) create an accessible tool that allows decision-makers to use and analyze these data to make actionable national conservation and development planning decisions. The project will serve as a vehicle to accelerate the use of spatial data to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This project is part of a broader UNDP effort to promote innovative use of spatial data to address pressing global challenges.

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