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Conservation Of Benin’s Sacred Forests: Legal Protection For Ecologically And Religiously Significant Areas

The ongoing project “Incorporation of Sacred Forests into the Protected Areas System of Benin,” supported by UNDP and financed by GEF, preserves tracts of forest with religious and ecological significance in Benin. These sacred forests are at high risk, and the recent addition of Sacred Forest as a category of Benin’s protected areas legislation paves the way for greater protection of the forests included in the project scope as well as other forests around the country.

Making The Protected Area Concession Work For The Communities In Africa

Wilderness Safaris’ community engagements and development activities recognise the realities of the importance of community support for conservation and tourism and broadly aim to ensure that neighbouring communities value conservation areas and thus will ensure their long-term sustainability. We endeavour to achieve this through finding ways to translate conservation and ecotourism successes into meaningful, real and visible socio-economic benefits for local communities.

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