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    A Model For Utilising Local, Indigenous And Traditional Knowledge And Practices For Climate Adaptation.


    This document examines the values of integrating traditional, local and indigenous knowledge (TLIK) based practices into an adaptive method for addressing human induced climate change and imbalances within the global water cycle.
    It proposes a comprehensive method that has been formulated integrating TLIK along with scientific and modern conservation and restoration techniques.

    NBSAP Federal Republic Of Somalia (Draft)

    NBSAP Somalia initial draft

    This is the Draft of the first National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan of the Federal Republic of Somalia. Somalia acceded to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Aichi in September 2009 and became the 193rd party to the CBD. By ratifying the CBD, Somalia committed to attain the objectives of CBD and as first step commenced the formulation of this NBSAP in September 2014. This draft NBSAP is thus the first effort in the history of Somalia to holistically and systematically look at the overall spectrum of biodiversity – ecosystems, species and genetic diversity.

    Iraq National Biodiversity Strategy And Action Plan (2015 - 2020) - First Draft


    Iraq is developing its first National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) for the period (2015-2020), to overcome the main problems that the biodiversity in Iraq is facing, and to comply to one of its obligations towards the Convention on Biological Diversity. The National Targets in the NBSAP, have been linked to the Global Strategy on Biodiverity 2011-2020 and its Aichi Targets.The preparation process of the strategy included an intensive consultations with stakeholders.

    Ethiopia National Biodiversity Strategy And Action Plan

    This Strategy has been prepared in accordance with the guideline for updating NBSAP and contains eight parts.

    Chapter 1 introduces the country. It describes variable physio-geographic and climatic features and also population and economy of the country.

    Chapter 2 provides an overview of the biodiversity resource base of the country, namely: the ecosystems, plant, animal, microbial and cultural diversity. It also describes the protected area systems and presents summary of major factors affecting the biodiversity resource base of the country.

    Ghana National Biodiversity Strategy And Action Plan

    Ghana's NBSAP has been divided into two main sections. The first section provides basic information on the state and trends of Ghanaian biodiversity. The second section presents a matrix of Aichi Global Goals, National Strategy, National Targets, Actions, Actors and Estimated Costs.