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Raising Biodiversity’s Public Profile: The Belgian Success Story | CBD National Reporting Best Practice Series

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Raising Biodiversity’s Public Profile: The Belgian Success Story | CBD National Reporting Best Practice Series

Lack of public awareness on the importance of biodiversity makes it challenging to achieve the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and successfully implement National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAPs).

Click here to read Belgium's best practice on raising awareness about biodiversity conservation and its sustainable use to explain the diverse value of nature to the public. According to CBD’s latest evaluation entitled Analysis of Targets Established by Parties and Progress Towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets”, Belgium is not only aligned to Aichi Target 1, but is moving satisfactorily ahead to achieving its national targets on raising biodiversity awareness

Key lessons learned include: 

  • The impact of biodiversity awareness activities will increase through integration and collaboration with partners and other relevant stakeholders.
  • For wider dissemination, information on biodiversity and ecosystem services should be made readily available through various technological means such as social media channels, mainstream television networks, etc.
  • People should be encouraged to find their own solutions and make suitable pledges.
  • The government should provide information about key champions of biodiversity conservation such as teachers, government officials, politicians, NGOs.
  • Information centers, such as botanic gardens, protected areas, museums, aquaria, should be optimally used to inform visitors, especially school groups, about biodiversity conservation.
  • Policies which support dissemination of information on biodiversity should be promoted, enacted and implemented.  
  • Information should be shared in an understandable and meaningful way, and messages should be tailored according to the requirement of the stakeholders, for the purpose of training, exchanging experience, sharing know-how and technology.

This best practice has been repurposed from Belgium’s Fifth National Report to CBD (5NR).

This best practice is a part of a series of best practices developed under the GEF funded “Support to Eligible Parties to Produce the Sixth National Report (6NR) to the CBD” project.


Thanks Heena for sharing your thoughts on biodiversity awareness. It's heartening to see the tremendous efforts of organizations like yours to spread the word on the importance of biodiversity. However, at times, it seems like the message and the audience have a power gap that needs to be address. Temperate, developed countries have fewer critically endangered organism than equatorial, poorer countries yet the poorer countries have far more limited access to the tools to give voice to their thoughts on the topic. It's important that we build the capacity for people from less developed areas to join the discussion on the role of biodiversity in culture, economics, and well-being.