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Protected areas, conservation and tourism – financing the sustainable dream

Many commentators suggest that tourism could help fund the ever growing number of protected areas. The traditional reliance on government sources to support protected areas is increasingly untenable, in both the developed and developing world. This paper reviews the relationship between tourism and protected areas to assess opportunities for sustainable funding to assure effective stewardship. It explores a range of innovative and creative alternative funding mechanisms which could be consistent with a positive evolving relationship between tourism and protected areas.

Tittensor et al. 2014. A mid-term analysis of progress toward international biodiversity targets. Science 346(6206): 241-244

A paper providing a comprehensive mid-term assessment of progress toward the Aichi targets and projecting indicator trends to 2020, suggesting that despite accelerating policy and management responses to the biodiversity crisis, the impacts of these efforts are unlikely to be reflected in improved trends in the state of biodiversity by 2020.

Pereria et al. 2013. Essential Biodiversity Variables. Science 39: 277-278

An article proposing the use of Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) to help prioritize by defining a minimum set of essential measurements to capture major dimensions of biodiversity change, complementary to one another and to other environmental change observation initiatives.

The State of the Birds of Colombia

For the first time, The State of the Birds of Colombia evaluates the status and priorities for the conservation of Colombian birds. Unfortunately, the status of birds in the country has deteriorated rapidly over recent decades.
With the support of hundreds of researchers, this new publication highlights the serious problems facing birds in Colombia—establishing a barometer for the state of the environment in this, the richest country for birds on earth.

Climate Change and Women Across Three Continents

Article by the Inter Press Service news agency: "The link between women in climate change is a cross-cutting issue that deserves greater recognition at climate negotiations. It is pervasive, touching everything; from health and agriculture to sanitation and education"(...) "A female perspective is critical to the success of the 2015 Climate Conference (COP21), which strives to find a global agreement to tackle climate change.

Marine conservation finance: The need for and scope of an emerging field

The global oceans contribute to human wellbeing by providing marine ecosystem services, but the ability of the oceans to continue providing these services is jeopardised by anthropogenic impacts. There is a limit to marine conservation that has not been adequately addressed: finance. This paper reviews the state of marine conservation funding, identifies associated challenges, and recommends possible ways forward.

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